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Soy TREMENTINA LUX, soy artista plástica, teórica y práctica de la comunicación audiovisual y los estudios de género. Pinto, escribo, leo, locuto, diseño, fotografio, reflexiono y analizo. Todo esto, sobre todo, me hace evolucionar como profesional y como persona, me motiva y me divierte. Creo este contenido para ti, que me lees y para mí, que también me leo. Soy del mundo y vivo en Valencia.

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Crossing the world hug by hug

Crossing the world hug by hug (without touching the ground)

The beings of light can cross the world hug by hug, as an asteroid waving on the universe colliding with others while its burning core crystallizes in a very long period of time. (I have said)


Last saturday night I went to the Palau de la Música to enjoy a concert. I went with J. He is a friend with whom I worked as a graphic designer only one month, 18 years ago, but we keep in touch to talk, practice yoga or enjoy music festivals. As he says: we are joined in some way and we have no idea why.

Yesterday I had lunch with E. a empowered beautiful woman, with her daughter O. We remember when she asked me about some books about motherhood and education, before she was her mother. This happened almost 20 years ago. Today I’m so excited because I will meet with an asteorid friend from India who comes here to visit, as if a year had not passed since we were together in India.

In the middle of your life you can cross the world from hug to hug without touching the ground, embracing souls without interruption even though twenty years have passed. At this time, we know that physical time and soul’s time is not the same, because for souls feeling is a continuum.

And Hugs…

But what happens when, in addition to soul’s affinity, artistic creation comes together? That the result is kind of igneous stone with crystals embedded in a matrix of ironmoon. We call it in a simple way: artistic influences.

The frontman of Sidonie’s band, Marc and me were met the first time closely eleven years ago, in a kind of small and lovely trashy backstage full of drying beer on the floor. We don’t use to take pictures, but we took the first picture together that night. When you grow up you realize that every photo taken with someone is like a polished cut in a meteorite that allows us to see relationship as the crystalline bands of Widmanstätten, because the cut and the photo depend both on the angle from which they were taken.

The last time we have met has been this past Saturday in Valencia Music Palace’s artist room in where we was surrounded by serigraphs of Rostropovich and luxurious leather sofas. As if we were playing hide and seek in the universe, we both wanted to take another picture together, maybe to see what shapes the Widmanstätten structures have this time.

Between both pictures there are a lot of meetings, hugs and mismatches, but not only flesh and hair changes. There are a lot of creatures of our personal activity and professional creativity that they was born accompanied by their own loved ones and also by distant but extremely soul friendly people.

And more Hugs…

As a usual fact, life and artistic creation seem to be indissolubly linked to presence and to absence. To the interval in which the hearts don’t beat and the shapes crystallize. I mean: the decisive moment, following Zweig, in which we find or lose another human being (forever or just for a while).

Now I stopped to write the post because my childhood friend, B. have ring the bell, she don’t do that since almost 30 years ago, and she did it for bring me a book: The Art of Discarding: How to Get Rid of Clutter and Find Joy by Nagisa Tatsumi. Incredible, right?

And a squeeze…

That’s why today I want to celebrate the friendships produced in a very long period of time. I want to cheers with you for all the people that you met suddenly, anyway, in Spain, in France, in Italy, in India, in China, in Japan, in Mexico, in Mars, like a meteorite upping your orbit and they still with you doesn’t matter time or space.

Many thanks to all my dear beings of light in the universe with which I merge. Being grateful with all of you I have more consciousness about our life-time and our position on this wide world.

See you in orbit my dears, hug by hug! 






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